Divides into two major groups: Pure fantasy and all sort of studies from life. In the second group you can make another distinction in the amount of time from sketches to longstudies



Learning from the greatest teacher: Reality with your dedicated time. Whenever something is studied intensly it is not fully understood, it only reveals itself forever more complex



This is the hardest part to explain. Sometimes i have a thought behind what I'm doing when trying to describe certain aspects, imaginary scenaries or feelings. Other times it's a humble gesture towards the beauty of the surroundings I'm trying to recreate. I love to experiment and therefore I use all kind of drawing materials on a lot of different surfaces. Everything is basically a blanc kanvas waiting for some fantasy to emerge on it


Drawing session

Take a stroll and stop time for a few minutes. What can u catch before it is ever gone? What is important tell? So many choices to be made in such a short time. Sometimes I wonder how to even get started. which road to walk and what steps need to be taken.


Drawing artist / Copenhagen DK

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